Shaw Hardwood

Professional Installation of Hardwood Floors

J&H Family Flooring company is fully committed to executing the installation job of the perfect hardwood floors, helping create solutions fit just for you. With our team of excellent and experienced flooring finishers, we will have your dream hardwood floors beautifully done as swiftly and effectively as it can be.

Accomplishment of quality is about attention to fine detail and care throughout the installation process. We ensure this type of work ethic every day, every time. We use only the highest quality of material and equipment for you to have complete confidence in your professional-made hardwood floor. Longevity is incredible with our unique species of hardwood available. There will be no need for replacement for at least 40 years with our authentic wood! That’s a long time to enjoy your beautiful floor.

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When Experience Matters

For over 30 years and 3 generations, the team at J & H Family Floors has been installing hardwood floors. We realize the importance of beauty, quality and attention to detail. Our experienced teams of installers and finishers will create the flooring look and experience you are seeking. We take great pride in our work and put an emphasis on being on-time, clean and professional.

Visit our Frisco showroom to view a sample of vast selection of flooring materials. We also offer in-home consultations, Contact Us to schedule an appointment with a flooring professional. Our staff is experienced in all types of flooring finishes. Have a question, just give us a ring!long time to enjoy your beautiful floor.

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