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You’ve decided to build a new website and spent some time researching the best approach. And you’ve found it! A DIY website sounds like the fastest, cheapest way to get your website off the ground. It’s clearly the best choice … right?

Unfortunately, DIY websites often present serious obstacles. In most cases, business owners set out to build their own website and quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the scope of the project, struggling to complete the task.

DIY websites often cause these problems and inconveniences.

  • Time commitment — Chances are, you have other business duties you need to attend to throughout the day. Taking on a website project alone can take away hours of time that could be better spent on work or play.
  • Poor SEO — Without an expert who can make sure that your website is truly search engine optimized, generating traffic on your website will be very difficult — simply because no one will be able to find it.
  • Tough to troubleshoot — What do you do if an image refuses to load correctly? Or if your beautiful website looks like a mess the moment you open it on a mobile device? If you don’t have extensive Web design experience, these issues can be difficult to resolve, and you may end up with a less than satisfactory end result.
  • Web design is hard — You may come into a DIY website project planning to whip out a couple pages and have your website running within the hour — unfortunately, this is a feat that even the most experienced Web designer would struggle with. A website design expert is familiar with the design process and can advise you on what works and what doesn’t.

Your website is an essential tool for your business to increase customer awareness, find new prospects, foster interaction, capture sales, and perform a variety of other functions that will promote growth. Thus, a quality website is an important investment that can directly impact your success.

What seems like a simple DIY website frequently turns into a stressful, time-consuming project. Instead, enlist the help of digital marketing experts who can make your dream business website into a reality.

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